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WiStim is an easy to use web platform to help the healthcare professionals with paperwork


You can access your patients’ data via the app and the webplatform. Information and documents are stored on a secured server, in accordance with the GDPR.


WiStim is nit only a fertility tool, it is also an organisational one: you can set appointments and treatments and get instant notification from patients.

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Enjoy a great traceability thanks to a secured folder, in which you can store documents, patients’ results and so on.

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Simply by visiting this page.
Once you have completed your details, you will be contacted by our team to validate your account and train you in its use. From then on your patients will be able to find you on the application.
Of course ! If you want to use WiStim as a folder for your patients, it's possible. Only communication with your patient is unavailable if she has not downloaded the application. All other features are available.
Yes, and it works even if the patient does not have the application. For that you just have to contact us.
When you can not access the login page or WiStim's email links do not work and redirect you to an error page: Access denied. This is usually a firewall problem that blocks the platform WiStim. Check your settings and if the problem persists, contact us.

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