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I recommend WiStim — two hundred percent!
It’s so convenient and reassures me. It keeps me organised on a long fertility journey that involves so many appointments and multiple auto-injections with different drugs 🙂!! It’s a must-have!
Thank you WiStim!
Very useful, convenient and easy to use. This app has helped me to stick to my daily treatment schedules and appointment calendar for two months without any mistakes. Plus the customer care team is always professional and responsive.
We had fertility treatment a few years ago and this time we are using WiStim. What a difference! We feel more cared for by the medical staff. Getting updates from them is far less stressful. I am no longer in any doubt about the instructions, and all the documents and videos are available when needed. My husband also likes how he is in the loop. Comprehensive, well-designed and intuitive. An ...
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WiStim does so much more than track your menstrual cycle — this is an app dedicated to women’s health.

WiStim is a platform that supports every woman receiving fertility treatment. It’s the first cycle monitoring and ovarian stimulation app linked to a network of health professionals specialised in fertility. Used every day in the biggest fertility centres, WiStim simplifies the process for couples.

With this easy-to-use app, patients can access their daily medication instructions alongside video tutorials, reminders, their medical file, and all the information they need to optimise their fertility.

Any risk of treatment mistakes is reduced, and communication between patients and medical staff is faster and more efficient. With Wistim, women can feel at ease throughout their journey.

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