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Fertility journey : Improve your chances of success if you are struggling to conceive.

Managing your fertility journey is easier with WiStim.


My Fertility Journey


By yourself or with your doctor, follow the daily progress of your fertility journey.
Administer medication accurately, reduce stress, optimise your chances of pregnancy and get advice from fertility professionals. Take charge of your baby project!


Watch tutorial videos recommended for your treatment plan and fertility journey. We guide you through the steps of administering injectable medication. With WiStim, you are never on your own!

Injection tutorials
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Our advice cards are written by fertility professionals and experts who explain everything you need to know about both male and female fertility and medically assisted reproduction techniques (ovarian stimulation, artificial insemination and frozen embryo transfer).

More than a monitoring tool, WiStim has the answers to your fertility questions.

Our smart system picks advice cards that are personalised to your needs and profile.


With WiStim, you can predict your egg retrieval or artificial insemination date thanks to our stimulation tracking calculator.

Spin the wheel and visualise your journey from beginning to pregnancy test, stage by stage.

Whether you're having IVF, fertility preservation or insemination, view your appointments at a glance, and keep a record of your hormone test and ultrasound results. Your fertility history is safe in one place.

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Keeping your personal information secure is important. Our fertility app for menstrual cycle tracking and fertility support is GDPR-compliant.

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