Assisted fertility


Get your test results the quick and easy way, thanks to WiStim. Together with your doctor, track your fertility journey, minimise treatment errors, lower your stress level, optimise your chances of pregnancy and get advice from professionals. Take control of your pregnancy plan!


In a shared diary, your gynaecologist will schedule your next appointments based on ultrasound and blood test results.


WiStim informs you of any follow-up instructions from your doctor at each stage of assisted reproductive technology.
Communication is simple — any changes in medication prescriptions are sent directly to your app.
That way, you always know your doctor’s instructions.

Application: Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Treatment Tracking
(ART) Support: Treatment Follow-up Schedule


Gather all your medical files together, with a handy list for your reference — you won’t ever lose a prescription again! Have your latest test results always at hand (this secure space is shared only with your doctor).

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