WiStim has helped over 30,000 women so far and reduces by 5 treatment errors


WiStim is an app for patients to get instant notifications and advice from their doctors.

The healthcare professionals update your treatment every day according to your medical results and can add comments.

Besides, tutorials are available so the risks of treatment errors are limited.


Your gynaecologist sets appointments and these are directly synchronised with your WiStim agenda.

You can also entrer your periods start date so the app will notify you when your next periods start.

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Articles and fertility tips written by specialists are at your disposal.

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Your medical documents are stored in your personal account.

As we respect the GDPR, you can send them to your doctor via a secured messaging service.

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Just contact us with the email icon at the top left of the screen of research. You can give us the details of your doctor and we will contact him to install WiStim.
You can download the application, fill out your medical file, hold a binder of your health documents as well as use the timeline to rate the dates of your rules. However you do not have access to all features follow-up of your treatment, your appointments and the tutorials for taking pharmaceuticals.
Only your doctor can seize a treatment in the application to avoid of the transcribing errors. This makes your support more reliable.
If the "My Treatment" tab is completely empty, it means that your doctor does not you has not communicated your treatment. We invite you to contact him if you have questions. In case your treatment is blurred, you just need to click on the pink pad at the bottom of the page "see my treatment" you will have access to all of your treatments of the day. If it is not the case, it may be because you are not yet subscribed.
There is a "Our Workbook" tab in your application that contains several records. After choosing the folder of your choice, you can press the "+" at the top right to add a document from the memory of your phone or with camera. Once it is stored in the folder, you can decide to share it with your doctor. An icon tells you what are the Documents that you shared with your doctor.
For the moment Wistim does not allow you to send him messages. Wistim is equipped with one-way messaging from your doctor to you. If you want to join it we invite you to contact him by other means.
Of course ! WiStim is non-binding, you can unsubscribe as soon as you the want.
No worries. The information "Subscription in progress" tells you that you are well subscribed. When this is not the case, there is a "Subscribe" button to the square.

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Discover Wistim at 15 € TTC / month all inclusive and without obligation,

to reduce the risk of mistakes and put the odds on your side!

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