FAQ Ovarian Stimulation

Ovarian stimulation is an essential step in the fertility process, stimulating the production of follicles with a view to an egg retrieval. Want to find out more? That's what our frequently asked questions are for!

Stimulation and punctures

What is the difference between a short and long protocol?

A long protocol is one in which ovarian function is blocked before the start of the cycle (by medication such as Decapeptyl®, Synarel®) and then ovarian stimulation is started. There are two types of short protocol: Agonist: the ovulation-inhibiting medication (Decapeptyl or Synarel) is started on the 1st or 2nd day of the period at the same time as the stimulation products. Antagonist: stimulation is started at the beginning of the cycle (1st or 2nd day). The ovulation-inhibiting medication is started around the 6th day of stimulation.

How many days after Ovitelle is the pregnancy test reliable?

The pregnancy test is reliable 16 days after induction by Ovitelle, i.e. 14 days after an intrauterine puncture or insemination.

Does the bleeding stop quickly after the puncture?

A few traces of blood may remain in the 48 hours following the puncture.

How long can fertilisation take place after a sperm has been injected into the oocyte?

Signs of fertilisation appear within 24 hours of ICSI.

What is an IMSI (intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection)?

IMSI involves selecting spermatozoa under high magnification before injection into the oocyte.

What is the difference between IMSI and ICSI?

Both techniques are MPA techniques that allow sperm to be selected and injected directly into the oocyte, increasing the chances of obtaining an embryo. ICSI is performed using a microscope magnification of 200 to 400 times. IMSI enables a spermatozoon to be selected at 6600 magnification.

What is a stimulated cycle recovery?

A stimulated cycle is one in which gonadotropin-type hormones are given to stimulate the endometrium and ovarian follicles.

What is assisted hatching (HATCHING)?

Assisted hatching is a biological technique used to thin the zona pellucida (embryo envelope) when it is too thick to help implantation.

How many days after the start of the period will the puncture take place?

Puncture usually takes place between 11 and 15 days after the start of gonadotropin stimulation.

How long do you have to wait for the blood test for an IAC?

After an IAC, you need to wait around 14 days before taking a blood sample.

Is implantation the same as insemination?

No, implantation refers to the implantation of the embryo in the uterine mucosa, whereas insemination refers to the insemination of spermatozoa into the uterus.

What happens during a sperm collection?

Sperm is collected by masturbation in the laboratory, with an abstinence period of between 3 and 5 days.

What is the difference between 2 days for the injection time?

For antagonists (Orgalutran, Cetrotide, Fyremadel), it is important not to shift the injection time by more than 2 hours. For other medicines, consult your doctor.

Do I have to take blood samples every morning during the week of the injection?

Blood samples are taken according to your doctor's instructions, approximately every 48 hours.

Should I continue taking progesterone ova after the blood test?

If the pregnancy test is positive, progestin should be continued unless otherwise indicated by the doctor.

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