emergency contraception

Emergency contraception

What is emergency contraception?

If you forget to take the pill or have an accident with your condom, you should always think about emergency contraception. It comes in tablet form: Levonorgestrel (Norlevo), a high-dose progestogen effective within 36 hours of high-risk intercourse, or Ullipristal acetate (Ellaone), an antiprogestogen effective within 72 hours of intercourse. Both of these molecules delay ovulation and are all the more effective if taken soon after high-risk intercourse. Note that the effectiveness of Ellaone may be reduced by the use of concomitant hormonal contraception. In any case, intercourse should be protected for 8 days after taking Ellaone.

Finally, the copper IUD (intrauterine device) can be used as emergency contraception if it is inserted within 5 days of high-risk intercourse.

Written by:

Dr Noémi Amsellem

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